Undergraduate Research Student

“Born in Korea. At an early age, I was sent to a monastery within the Kashmir mountains to study the ancient Indian martial art. Then at age 12, I completed the young astronauts program by NASA, but due to my need of observing the Sabbath, I declined a month long voyage to the ISS. After winning several engineering competitions and professional soccer tournaments, I decided that I needed a new challenge in life. So I came to Emory to decipher all there is to know about population dynamics in bacteria and pick up one or two Nobel prizes along the way.”

Jason, along with Xinxian Shao and Justin Young Kim is working on the relative susceptibility Staphylococcus aureus as planktonic cells and as colonies to antibiotics of different classes.   

Doubtless Jason is well on his way to at least one Nobel Prize.  It may not be for this project but maybe another he will be doing when he graduates from Emory, if not before. (BRL)