Howard Weiss, Professor

  • Department of Mathematics

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Although another university employs me, I spend a sufficient amount of my research time at Emory and the EcLF for Bruce and the people his Lab to consider me a member of that Lab.  I do as well.   For a number of years I have been collaborating with Bruce and his students, postdocs and beyond Emory collaborators with him on the more mathematical elements of their theoretical studies of the pharmacodynamics of antibiotics and the population and evolutionary dynamics of bacteria and bacteriophage.  A particular focus of our current phage research is to develop and analyze the properties of mathematical models of bacteria and these viruses in physically structured habitats. The purpose of these models is to facilitate the design and interpretation of the results of the population dynamic experiments, my EcLF Lab my collaborators primarily Waqas Chaudhry, Rodrigo Gonzalez, and Bruce are doing with bacteria and phage in the surfaces of agar and imbedded soft agar. 

For information about my research with the EcLF and beyond, write to me at weiss@gatech.edu