Work Study Students (Agar Engineers) 


Tracey Okwara, Emory Undergrad

My name is Tracey Onyieychukwu Okwaraojimadu, but you can call me Tracey Onyieychukwu Okwara, or Tracey if you prefer.  I am from the small village of Isiekenesi, Imo State, Nigeria. I am the eldest and shortest of two brothers. Currently, I am a rising senior and Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Major and employed as a Work-study student (Agar Engineer) in the prestigious Levin Lab.

The following is my story in third person:

Diagnosed with asthma at the age of 1, Tracey endeavored in athletics at an early age, competing in sports including, but not limited to: soccer, tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, jump rope and Quidditch. After turning down the opportunity to play professional soccer, she left the world of athletics to join the scholastic world, winning multiple awards in various science fair and spelling bee competitions in her adolescent years.

She thrived in high school and earned several scholarships for her many merits. Not only was she intelligent, but she was also musically inclined. She played many instruments including the clarinet and has won several singing competitions. She considered pursuing music professionally, but wanted away from the spotlight to focus on her studies.

Several universities (i.e. Harvard, Duke, Northwestern, UPenn, etc.) practically begged her to attend their school, but fortunately Tracey set her heart on Emory University by drawing a name from a hat (Just kidding about the latter part).

She is currently in the process of applying to medical schools while simultaneously researching the effects of mutagenic beta cells on BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes via statistical inference. Stay tuned and may the mass times acceleration be avec toi.

*Disclaimer: the statements above all have some truth to it, even the ending. Some are slightly exaggerated but have some perspicacity, if she does say so herself, which I do.

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